Native placeHanover, DEU
Dead placeAmbleside, GBR


Schwitters was born in Hannover, Germany. He was a leader of the Hannover Dada movement. His activities extended to architecture and poetry as well as painting and were aimed at a general liberation of art from traditional materials. After the First World War, in 1919, he made his first Merz painting, a collage of discarded odds and ends on canvas. He worked for a number of years on a Merzbau, a room constructed of found objects, in his house in Hannover until he fled to Norway in 1937. In 1922 he participated in the Dada and Constructivist conference in Weimar and afterward worked to spread Dada in the Netherlands. He moved first to Norway in 1937 to escape Nazi persecution and then moved on to England where he continued making his Merz constructions. His second Merzbau in Norway was left unfinished. He started a third at his home in the country village of Ambleside in England but died before he could finish it.

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