FO199200003000_981201_001.jpg, 1998/12/01撮影, Public Domain

Merz-drawing 52, Beauty Culture

TitleMerz-drawing 52, Beauty Culture
Artistクルト・シュヴィッタース Kurt SCHWITTERS
Mediumcollage on paper, artist's mount
Accession NumberFO199200003000
SummaryThe Dada movement was a successor to Italian Futurism which took place against an urban backdrop during and after the First World War. It was a dramatic art movement which aimed at the direct intoxication of the senses. Schwitters continued to make Merz works throughout his life, almost like a diary. In them, he attempted to make multi-faceted works of art with a bold application of the technique of collage which was invented by Picasso and Braque during the Synthetic phase of Cubism. This collage is built around a printed picture of two women fixing their hair. Other bits of printed matter, including a Goloise tobacco package and street car tickets, are added and pieces of colored paper are arranged around the right side of the central scene. Each element of the composition has clearly representational content. The quasi-oriental floral pattern pasted on the right side is related to the picture of the women, adding an elegant touch to the work.