Yakumo-Lafcadio, doric torii<模型>

資料名(日本語)ヤクモ ラフカディオ ドリック トリイ<模型>
Document NameYakumo-Lafcadio, doric torii *model
作者Kousioglou-Stai Kousioglou-Stai
The 30th UBE Biennale - Excellent Sculpture model for Full Size Creation
作品解説We designed this structure wanting to combine elements of the history, worship and architecture of Japan and our homeland, Greece. The trigger was the life and work of the glorious poet Lafcadio Hearn or Yakumo Koizumi, who acts as a bridge between two countries that are considered global pillars of culture and art. This artwork, apart from a representation of the friendship and appreciation that Greece has for Japan, is also a deeply personal work as the family of one of the artists is closely related to Yakumo Koizumi's family. We hope that this project will be able to show the rebirth, friendship and solidarity between our peoples.
If one studies the structure of doric temples and toriis, many similarities can be seen. We were amazed when we realised how two countries so far apart from each other could have so much in common. Both structures are sacred and have deep spiritual and cultural meaning.
The decision to create a sculpture out of concrete was based not only on the need for balance and safety but also came from the belief that two ancient and symbolic structures of our countries, the doric temple and the torii, can always be relevant and survive in modern times. In the same way, our appreciation and friendship can last the tests of time and bring a new era of rebirth, hope and prosperity.