Epidemic *model

Search TypeIndoor Sculpture
Japanese TitleEpidemic <模型>
Artistmoslem moslem
ExhibitionThe 29th UBE Biennale
ConceptHuman beings are social creatures and they cannot guaranty their survival by themselves. Their comfort zone depends on their social circle without the consideration of its quality. Each society had been built by mutual ideologies between its own components which makes the quality of living in it. The society sacrifices the living quality for its ideology, since this exact ideology supplies a limited amount of comfort zone. for us human beings it’ll be extremely difficult to step aside from our comfort zones, especially when the society in which we live, is in isolation from others and the comfort zone has become like a concrete wall and it’s being dictated to people. The survival of people depends on the society and the survival of the society is in hands of its regime.
Document ID22276
The 29th UBE Biennale - Excellent Sculpture Plan