Dynamic equilibrium in the Wabi Sabi universe *model

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Japanese TitleDynamic equilibrium in the Wabi Sabi universe <模型>
ArtistTeo San José Teo San José
ExhibitionThe 29th UBE Biennale
ConceptTeo San José, (Valladolid 1958) currently develops his artistic activity between the cities of Córdoba and Denia. His work develops from the idea of “dialogue” as a formula for the construction of possible common realities. His vision of art considers the subtlety of language and the synthesis of meanings as essential characteristics for an energetic and peaceful expression at the same time.
“When we open our eyes, our mind and perceptions to a sculpture, we enter into an intimate space; a path that leads us to the emptiness of the mind to touch our deepest being. It is not necessary to understand, only to feel the life that the work of art has. It is a deep and personal experience.”
In his monumental works, material not only give shapes to space, it also crosses it to compose new places. The planes are superimposed without losing their individual quality, to build dimensions that exceed them, where the material becomes immaterial, and the opaque can be transparent. Emptiness and matter complement each other, changing our eyes, making new interpretations, staying always in motion.
His work is present in public and private collections in countries such as Spain, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, E.E.U.U, Mexico and Dubai.
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The 29th UBE Biennale - Excellent Sculpture Plan