The Birth of Life

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Titleはじまりのはじまり
Artist三宅 之功 MIYAKE Shiko
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park
MaterialStainless Steel


The seeds of wildflowers that drift to earth, put down roots and leave offspring behind. This is not coincidence, but a result of all conditions, time, weather, and wind direction, being perfect. We humans seem like we were spontaneously born and now live around the world, but we were inevitable and necessary for that place and that time.
This work expresses the "miracle birth" that both animals and plants have in common. Perhaps before long various plants will gather together, and mature in the land of Ube. Now is the beginning of the beginning.


 卵は命のはじまり。「その命のはじまりに草が生えて またあたらしい命がうまれたらおもしろいなぁ」と考えた。
草は勝手に生えているように見えるけど、本当は勝手に生えてくるのではない。「風にのって飛んできた草のタネが 宇部のこの卵に この日に飛んできて 芽が生える確率は?」って考えるとほとんど神わざ。

The egg is the origin of life. I thought, "It would be interesting if grass grew on that origin of life, and new life was born again."
Grass seems like it grows wherever it likes, but it doesn't. If you think, "What are the chances of grass seeds carried by the wind, coming to this egg in Ube today and sprouting?" it would almost be a miracle.
That miracle birth, is the same for us humans.
This egg is freshly laid, the beginning of the beginning.
Document ID21871
Source第28回UBEビエンナーレ(現代日本彫刻展) 大賞(宇部市賞) Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)