the trace of wind *model

Search TypeIndoor Sculpture
Japanese Title風路<模型>
Artist川村 秀彦 KAWAMURA Hidehiko
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale

Previously, when I used limestone made of fossilized shells, coral and
small bones to make sculptures, I felt the process of lives amassing
and becoming the earth as if it was happening right before my eyes,
and I felt the connections between us and the landscape, the existence
of the vast flow of time not covered by creation.
This work is produced as a remnant of this, the cycle (of everything)
that we should be in awe of, and speculation about our existence,
still with many unknown aspects.
This sculpture’s shape is inspired by daily activity in a landscape
that we are especially aware of. For example, wind that has been
blowing since the primeval age, or the scenery that is made by the
waves that keep coming, or the movement of the rainy season’s trees
absorbing water.


For me, a lot of courage is necessary to make big sculpture. Not
because using and carving lots of materials, and assembling them
together is difficult, but because I have to bring something into
existence that no-one has asked for, and I have to work on it without
shrinking from it. But of course I’m very happy that many people see
those sculptures and touch those sculptures. I think that even if they
get tired of looking at them after a while, it would be nice if they
play near then, sit next to them or lean against them, while chatting
with family and friends. I would like that sculpture to become an
ordinary part of the landscape.
I would like to make that kind of sculpture.
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