DO NOT POP ! *drawing

Search TypeIndoor Sculpture
Japanese TitleDO NOT POP !<ドローイング>
ArtistJohn Dave CIELO ジョン デイブ シエロ John Dave CIELO
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale
「Do Not Pop!(はじけないで!)」と題された本作品は、かなえられなかった子ども時代の願いを追体験することを意図した。草原や教室でシャボン玉を吹いて遊ぶ人を見ると、そこにはいつもシャボン玉が割れることなく空間を埋め尽くせばよいのに、という儚い望みを感じる。しかし物理法則は、そのような夢を許さない。

A child’s consciousness is always filled with curiosity and wonder. They express the wildest and most unrealistic perspectives that we, jaded adults, tend to brush aside as child’s talk. Conversely, this innocence inherent in their person, pure and can easily be shattered, is what makes our distant childhood as adults nostalgic.

We are reminded by children of the temporariness of our own juvenility. We realize that along the way it just disappeared, completely escaping our notice. As we grow older, any opportunity to relive these lost moments only becomes increasingly blissful.

This piece entitled, ‘’Do Not Pop!’’ stemmed from an unfulfilled childhood sentiment with an intention of reliving it. Often encountering people blowing bubbles in grass fields or classrooms, there is always this futile wish where these bubbles would just fill up the space without popping. The laws of physics however, is in constant disagreement with the notion.

By using hollow glass spheres, solid and stationary transparent spheres can be collected in a glass box to simulate the experience of being in the presence of bubbles. An experience that is a little less fleeting.

For viewers
I am presenting this piece in hopes of rekindling every viewer’s childhood. I offer it as visual evidence of the fulfillment of at least just one wish.

For children
Growing up can be really taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally. But amidst this burden, having a childhood to look back on to will keep you sane. Maximize this childhood until you have no regrets and learn to visualize so it stays with you when you’re older.
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