Heartful Communication

Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese TitleHeartful Communication
Artist菊竹 清文 KIKUTAKE Kiyoyuki
PlaceCity Center
MaterialStainless Steel

The stainless-steel sculpture consists of a waved, horizontal rod placed on a U-shaped leg. It contrasts the architectural structure based on horizontal and vertical lines with a curve, and the concrete building covered in white tiles with the red structure. The vivid contrast of the two establishes the sculpture as an effective landmark of the new post office. There is a rotating mechanism on the mirror surface at both ends of the horizontal bar, which creates an airy rhythm in combination with the dynamism of the wave. The “moving sculpture” is embedded with a switch coordinated with the movement of the automatic doors, but instead of mechanically following the opening/closing of the doors, each of the two rotating parts are independently controlled, and there are variations in angle and speed. The sculptor “wanted to visualize the friendly relationship between the building and its users.” The movement of the sculpture symbolizes the ideal way of the facility responding to different needs of the users. The artist calls his works, including this one, as “information sculpture”. In this work, he addresses the new relationship between humanity and technology through the operation of the sculpture, which “has the agility to respond to the environment with a mindset aligned with today’s technology-driven society and is equipped with mobility to transform the environment into something truly humane in praise of humanity”, as its theme.
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