Future-Tellinng Table

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title未来を語るテーブル
Artist三木 俊治 MIKI Toshiharu
ExhibitionKobe Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition
PlaceTokiwa Park

A table-shaped piece, inspired by Rosetta Stone, alternately features engravings of ancient alphabets and people forming a queue. When we try to gaze into the inscriptions, the proximity to the work overwhelms us with the volume of the massive stone and the workload dedicated for the production of the piece. The sculptor believes that “presenting a theme is important in terms of creating a contact point with society, because I wanted to actively create sculptures interacting with public space.” In response to “Cornerstone for the New Century”, the theme of Kobe Exhibition, the artist produced the work representing two functions as a message for the future (monument) and a place (table) for people to gather around. Rosetta Stone was originally created to commemorate an ancient Egyptian king. The artist interpreted it as a kind of message from the past to the present in the form of a cultural heritage and meant the work to function as a message from the present to the future. The queuing people, on the other hand, represents the sculptor’s personal, recurring theme. Each individual in the queue has unique appearance rather than having uniform features. The people exist between three types of letters (different communities) but constitute a single queue with a unified purpose (one world). The sculpture exists to serve as a place of communication to achieve the envisaged unification.
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