Four Construction on Columns

Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title柱状構造
Artist田邉 朗 TANABE Akira
ExhibitionThe 16th UBE Biennale

Four structures, reminiscent of factory ruins and strangely familiar, pop out of nowhere along the loop route of Tokiwa Park. Each structure consists of a solid, rusty iron column with a height of 4.5 m erected on a concrete base and a structure, looking like a water tank or an abandoned factory, standing on top of the column. Small ladders and bridges for inspection attached here and there on the structures stir our faraway memory of townscapes, where buildings like these were always on the background. Every time an urban redevelopment takes place, these relics of modern industry disappear from the landscape before we know it. Their deliberate restoration as sculptures in a greenery area therefore startles us with the bizarre illusion of a forgotten memory, suddenly materializing in front of us, frozen in time. When they overlap with buildings of the residential area in the backdrop, the images of lost time grow even more intense.
Document ID21576