OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title池溝
Artist西 雅秋 NISHI Masaaki
ExhibitionThe 15th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park

The piece is an iron flowerpot – of a sort – encircling natural pine trees growing in a corner of Tokiwa Park. The 16 weathering steel panels are said to have been left unattended for a year in the sea water along a quay wall somewhere in the Seto Inland Sea. As seen in this example, Masaaki Nishi approaches his materials with meticulous calculation. Just like us, surviving by adjusting ourselves to changing climate, environment, etc., sculpture materials have an unavoidable burden to get along with the location and space where the sculpture is displayed. Chiko (Pond Graben), the winner of the Grand Prix at the 15th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition, was dismantled by the sculptor and has since been buried somewhere deep in Tokiwa Park, making it a “ghost Grand Prix.” We wish the revival of it by the hands of the artist in the near future.
Document ID21561
Source第15回現代日本彫刻展 大賞(宇部市賞)Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)