King and Queen

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title王と王妃
Artist富樫 一 TOGASHI Hajime
ExhibitionThe 1st Exhibition of All Japan Sculpture Concours
PlaceCity Center

Two monoliths with a side of 33cm each are standing side by side. One is 2m tall, and the other is slightly shorter 1.5m. Each monolith is nicked, shaved, or folded in some places to afford a different look, while its head is a flat surface, serving as a kind of mask. While there is no eyes or nose to characterize its feature, it is still recognizable as a face. The sculptor seems extremely reluctant to add artificial touches to the stone, but the two monoliths, standing side by side, do look like a king and queen nevertheless. The work won Mainichi Sculpture Encouragement Award at the 1st National Sculpture Competition. The sculptor also joined the 2nd competition with a combination of stone sculptures titled as “Wa (Harmony)”.
Document ID21451
Source第1回全国彫刻コンクール応募展 毎日彫刻奨励賞