Sitting Woman

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title座る女
Artist柳原 義達 YANAGIHARA Yoshitatsu
ExhibitionThe 1st Exhibition of Sculpture UBE
PlaceCity Center

Yoshitatsu Yanagihara was the true force behind Japan’s postwar representationalism in the sculpture world. His artistic life can be roughly divided into “head statue series”, “guidepost (doves and ravens) series”, and “seated or standing nude series”. As Ube City has a total of ten items by Yanagihara, including two head sculptures, one seated statue, one standing statue, and six doves and ravens, the collection offers a well-rounded presentation of the artist. It is also fortunate for the city to have some of his crucial works like the Seated Woman, Raven in the Wind (1981), and Song of the Dog (1959), in which he bet his artistic life. Seated Woman was sculpted immediately after his return from Europe, where he stayed for five years and rebuilt his sculpting ideas from scratch. The volume and intensity of the dynamism presented in the crossed legs infiltrate the entire sculpture up to the tips of its toes.
Document ID21443