ITO Kosho



Born as the eldest son of the Kanazawa metal craftsmen Ito Shoten. Began his first real activity as an artist around the age of 27, and exhibited works in the 1959 and later Niki-kai exhibitions, focusing primarily on wood sculptures. Moved to Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture and in 1972 established the art studio Sodo-sha with Ito Chika, and began working with clay. The artist became interested in organic qualities around 1970, and in this regard believed that the terms which can be translated "meet and part, and waves" held important meaning in this regard. According to the artists, these are things shared by the "natural world" and "human society." By making these thoughts into objects, he came to use clay as his medium. His works exceed the framework of traditional pottery, and some works were made of crude clay.

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