Native placeMünchenbuchsee, CHE
Dead placeMuralto, CHE


Born in Müchenbuchsee on the outskirts of Berne, Switzerland. Studied at an art academy in Munich, and then traveled to Italy. After returning to Switzerland, moved once again to Munich. Starting in 1911 became a friend of the Blaue Reiter artists, such as Kandinsky. In 1914, traveled to Tunisia with August Macke and others, and was enthralled by the unique colors of North Africa. From that time on, colors became an important formal subject of Klee's work. Served in the German Army during World War I, and then almost immediately after the war, in 1921 was invited by Gropius to become a Meister at the Bauhaus school for comprehensive formal arts. Later taught at Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. In 1931 was suddenly fired from his job with the rise of the Nazis, and in 1933 retired to Berne. Suffered from major illnesses during his later years, and left over 9,000 works created throughout his life. Died in Muralto near Locarno. Also extremely interested in music and poetry, and his creative realm was richly poetic, as seen in his literary titles for his works, his formal presentation of musical terms and his use of theatrical works as his subject matter.

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