Native placeBordeaux, FRA
Dead placeParis, FRA


Born in Bordeaux. Expressed an interest in drawing at an early age, and with his parent's support, entered the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Paris in 1890. There he met Matisse. In 1894 he transferred with Matisse to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and there he was taught by Gustave Moreau and became friends with Manguin and Camoin. Left school upon Moreau's death in 1898, and entered a private academy. In 1901, had shown 10 oil paintings at the Salon des Artistes independants for the first time. Displayed a work in Room 7 at the 1905 Salon d'Automne, the room which gave birth to the term Fauves. Formed an exclusive contract with Druet in 1905 and the following year concluded another contract with the Bernheim-Jeune gallery. His Fauvist works with their bright primary colors were created in 1905-07, and then he switched to a more somber palette based on silvery gray tones. Marquet's delicate sensibility and his acute understanding of valeurs rendered in superb brush strokes created wonderful landscape scenes.

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