FO199300001000_000000_001T, 0000/00/00撮影, Public Domain

Apse of Notre Dame

TitleApse of Notre Dame
Artistアルベール・マルケ Albert MARQUET
Mediumoil on canvas
Accession NumberFO199300001000
SummaryThis work was created prior to Marquet's full entry into a Fauvist style. This Parisian scene matched with a harbor view was a subject Marquet depicted over and over again throughout his life. Through the essentially monochromatic palette of black, white, beige, and reddish brown, he has shown the central Paris scene visible through a slight cloud looking down from his studio window at Quai de la Tournelle no. 6. The limited number of colors means that those colors sparkle and his simple handling of the subject in minimalist brushstrokes effectively conveys his standing as a painter who clearly focused on compositional essentials. Notre Dame, sparkling in the faint sunlight in the distance, surely fascinated the painter. The darkened foreground heightens the contrast with the distant scene, making it all the more visible.