Native placePerejaslav [now Perejaslav-Khmelnytskyi], RUS [present-day UKR]
Dead placeNew York, USA


Born in Perejaslav (present-day Perejaslav-Khmelnytskyi), Russia (present-day Ukraine). Emigrated to America when 4 years old. Studied art in both New York and Munich. Nevelson assisted Diego Rivera with his wall murals in Mexico in 1932-33. In 1936 began to exhibit sculpture. Set up a studio in New York after World War II and there she focused on the creation of works made up of discarded items and then painted a solid monochrome. This made Nevelson the number one artist in "junk art." After 1960s various compositional trends strengthened in each of her successive works, and there are some works which made of steel and resin, not just wood materials.

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