Sky Presence Suspended

TitleSky Presence Suspended
Artistルイーズ・ニーヴェルソン Louise NEVELSON
Mediumpainted wood painted black
Accession NumberFS199100002000
SummaryFrom the middle of the 1950s onward, Nevelson began to create relief sculptures made up of accumulations of household furnishings and wood materials that she found in abandoned houses, cut up with a saw and stacked in boxes. These works were then coated in a solid monochrome covering of paint, whether black, white or gold. This work is made up of scraps of frames, cabinets, beds, and hangers, each recalling the lives of the people who used them. The overall coating in a single color then distances these objects, making them part of an other worldly world. The entire composition is based on vertical and horizontal lines, but the presence of some circles and ovals maintains a balance that prevents an overly stiff form. The entire work is asymmetrically composed, as if a magnificent door had opened into a heavenly world.