Native placeLivorno, ITA
Dead placeParis, FRA


Born in Livorno, northern Italy. In 1902 entered the Scuola di Nudo in Florence, and then studied at an art school from 1903 -05 in Venice. In 1906 departed for Paris and then lived there for the rest of his life. Through an understanding doctor, Paul Alexandre, Modigliani continued to paint while also interacting with sculptor Brancusi, and thus beginning to create sculptures also. Through Brancusi came to have a deep understanding of primitive arts. Modigliani also interacted with the Ecole de Paris artists at their residence, La Ruche, including Soutine and Kisling. However, his style, with its interest in primitive arts and basis in classical techniques, meant that while he was close to the members of Ecole de Paris, he was not a typical member of the group and in the end more creative. His life was troubled by alcohol and drugs, and he died at the young age of 35.

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