FO199600002000_000000_001T, 0000/00/00撮影, Public Domain


Artistアメデオ・モディリアーニ Amedeo MODIGLIANI
Mediumoil on canvas supported by panel
Accession NumberFO199600002000
SummaryFrom 1909-14, until physical strength and economic reasons stopped Modigliani's artistic work, he was extremely interested as a sculptor in the caryatid form of female pillar form found in Greek architecture. While only a few of his sculptures (stone sculptures) and oil paintings depict caryatids per se, he left a large number of drawings on the subject. The woman shown in this painting was set in a pose to support the tall picture format, with both hands raised, and the body in caryatid form, the figures are somehow simple and primitive. Here, the almond-shaped eyes, three-dimensional nose, and round breasts give a simple but powerful impression, and the sense of muscular mass in the legs and arms exude a strong sense of life force. The face slanted down to the right and the imbalance between left and right legs and arms shapes the body into a slightly S-curve form, giving a sense of a moving caryatid. The bands of brown to the left and right are uneven and seem like a stone wall surface, again, giving their uneven size gives a sense of movement to the composition. Thus we can see how the current fashion for primitive sculpture interested Modigliani and how it influenced his bold depiction of the human forms in his carefully rendered paintings.