On One Knee

TitleOn One Knee
Artistアレクサンダー・コールダー Alexander CALDER
Date1944 (cast 1968)
Accession NumberFS199100001000
SummaryCalder is seen as the inventor of the moving sculpture known today as mobiles, and he is known for having created organic-formed, vividly colored abstract works influenced by surrealism. Many of his monumental scale sculptures are today displayed in public places. The mobile is an artistic harmony based on the principle of balance. This work differs slightly from Calder's typical works, combining the sense of mass of a traditional sculpture with the qualities of a mobile. The six parts are complexly combined and maintain a subtle hanging balance that expresses figure raising his knee. This work was intended for outdoor display and made into a plaster model, but unexpected technical difficulties arose in the bronze form, and the bronze work was finally completed some 20 years after the piece was first begun.