The Day when Fishes Returned to the Stream

Artist加藤 昭男 KATO Akio
ExhibitionThe 16th UBE Biennale
PlaceOther Places

This work is set up along a stream in the triangular area in front of Nagarekawa Bus Stop, on the way to Sanyo-onoda across the Kotogawa Ohashi Bridge along Route 190. It dynamically depicts a child jumping sideways to catch a fish within reach of his hands. The spectacle depicted along a single pillar – the boy’s boldly spread limbs, each of the tensing muscles, eyes wide open, and the brave escape of the fish – is nothing short of a drama. The whole work is brimming with the joy of children engrossed in catching fish in the river, revitalized as the nature returns. This may be a memory of the sculptor and his intense desire for the future at the same time. Because it is installed along the newly revet Umeda River, the artist’s desire seems to resonate with that of citizens even more intensely.
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