Mountain Scape 73-2

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title内なる空73-2
Artist山本 衛士 YAMAMOTO Eishi
ExhibitionThe 5th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park

The sculpture looks like a bird’s-eye view of a construction model. Thick iron plates are piled up in two mountain shapes consisting of contour lines. On one summit, a chrome-plated object with a mirror surface in the shape of a dome stands, while the other summit features two vault-shaped objects. The mountains rising in layers of iron plates from the lawn are surrounded by deeper green of the surrounding nature, while the shiny objects on the mountaintops mirror the ever-changing sky above them. Looking down at the miniature nature within the real nature, an illusion that you are having a peek into a future city fills your sense.
Document ID21486
Source第5回現代日本彫刻展 大賞(宇部市賞)Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)