photo: KIOKU Keizo


ArtistOHMAKI Shinji
Material/ Techniquecrystal, whiteout, acrylic plate
Size/ DurationH360×W360 cm
Copyright Notice© OHMAKI Shinji
Year of acquisition/ donation2015
DescriptionBorn in Gifu, Japan in 1971. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Studied sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts and at TUA’s Graduate School of Fine Arts. Deals with social and environmental issues, expanding his focus from his personal awareness of issues to the world’s common understanding of them as he continues to explore spaces that arouse memories and physical sensations deep within the minds and bodies of viewers. Gracefully transformed using simple materials, his spaces touch the hearts of viewers and remind them of times forgotten.

In "Echoes-Crystallization", correction fluid and crystal powder are used to depict endangered species of Japanese flowers and evergreen pine tree branches. The brilliance of the tiny crystals that sparkle as they reflect the light makes viewers conscious once again of the insignificant everyday sights and sounds that are disappearing and reminds them of the important things they have forgotten. The pine tree motif was inspired by the panels at the back of noh stages and represents life that is reborn again and again, and life that continues forever. The other main motif, the endangered species of flowers, alludes to things that appear and things that disappear, while the momentary brilliance of the voiceless disappearing things embodies the artist’s desire to bring a glimmer of hope for the creation of a new world. The intermingled state of the pine tree branches and endangered flowers could also be seen as a mirror reflecting the changeability of things and the precariousness of existence in contemporary society.