photo: KIOKU Keizo

Games, Dance and the Constructions (Soft Toys) #12

ArtistKANEUJI Teppei
Material/ Techniquescreen print, cotton fabric, polyester stuffing, acrylic box
Size/ DurationH90×W130×D5cm
Copyright Notice© KANEUJI Teppei
Year of acquisition/ donation2015
DescriptionBorn in Kyoto, Japan in 1978. Lives and works there.

Received a master’s degree in sculpture from the Kyoto City University of Arts. Kaneuji Teppei creates sculptures, installations and video artworks by collecting, joining together and transforming everyday objects such as dolls, magazine clippings and commonplace plastic products, reminding us of the constantly changing nature of the world.

"Muddy Stream from a Mug" is a sculptural work created by combining various objects including cutouts of stains made by spilling coffee on paper and commonplace plastic products. From the title we imagine a cup filled with muddy liquid, but the ‘muddy’ in the title can also mean ‘hazy’ or ‘unclear’ and so the intention may have been to erase the original meanings of the objects that are obvious to anyone through the unusual combination of objects and cutouts and evoke a new narrative. "Endless, Nameless #1" is a collage work that reminds us of the constantly changing nature of the world by collecting, joining together and transforming magazine clippings. The vivid colors and rough collaging lend the picture plane an almost musical dynamism. In "Games, Dance and the Constructions (Soft Toys) #12", soft toys made by copying and stuffing background motifs from manga and magazines are packed into an acrylic box. A feature of these works is that as a result of the various combinations, not only the original meanings but the original contexts of the objects are nullified. The way the images of mass-produced products are manipulated both harks back to the Pop Art of the mid 1950s in the UK and since the 1960s in the US and with renewed indicates the territory between the current state of advanced capitalism and art.