photo: SAIKI Taku

The Legend

ArtistBeatriz MILHAZES
Material/ Techniqueacrylic on canvas
Size/ DurationH160×W149.5cm
Copyright Notice© Beatriz MILHAZES
Year of acquisition/ donation2002
DescriptionBorn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1960. Lives and works there.

Since the 1980s, Beatriz Milhazes has established her own painting methodology and created a new manner of expression. At a glance, the vibrant juxtapositions of motifs that distinguish her paintings appear to be computer graphics-generated. She has nevertheless created her entire methodology herself through years of working trial and error. Milhazes has always placed emphasis in her work on her own spirit and physical sensibilities. Her works, which seem to overflow with diverse energy, continually open doors to new potential in contemporary painting expression.

In her method of production, Milhazes rarely employs preparatory sketches and begins working directly on the canvas. For the most part, what she paints on the canvas will constitute the background. Her motifs of flowers and geometric patterns she paints on a plastic sheet and, when dry, transfers the motif to the canvas. Although the overall picture is dominated by an impression of flatness, the residue of colors and varying sentiments and memories building up on plastic sheets used repeatedly over the years coincides with an aged peeling wall effect produced when the motif is peeled from the plastic sheet. Together with the countless motifs juxtaposed organically on the canvas, this engenders an emotionally chaotic world. The visual effect of these works, weakened in centrality through their use of many circles, curves, and other such motifs, couples with poetic titles like "The Blue House", "The Legend", and "Black Power" and strongly affects our sensibilities.