© Philippe Parreno / Air de Paris vues d’installation Exposition “No Ghost Just A Shell / Anywhere Out Of The World”, Air de Paris, Paris, Juin 2000

Anywhere Out Of The World

ArtistPhilippe PARRENO
Material/ Technique3D animation film transferred to DVD-R 5.1 surround sound system
Size/ Duration4 min.
Copyright Notice© Philippe Parreno / Air de Paris
Year of acquisition/ donation2003(作品購入年月日:2003/03/31)
DescriptionBorn in Oran, Algeria in 1964. Lives and works in Paris, France.

As seen in the works in which he created and floated actual balloons to represent the speech bubbles in cartoons and in the film Phillippe Parreno created with artist Douglas GORDON in which the cameras focused exclusively on the play of former French international Zinedine ZIDANE during a football match, Parreno uses a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, film, and performance, blending the boundaries of fact and fiction as he questions the essence of reality, memory, and time. He views the exhibition format not just as a physical exhibition space, but as an expressive medium for bringing into existence narratives and transforming them into experiences. He has also been involved in numerous collaborations in which he seeks to manifest new experiences out of dialogue and cooperation.

Together with artist Pierre HUYGHE, Parreno chose a cartoon character from a catalog produced by a Japanese character-design company and acquired the copyright for 4,600 yen. They called this character Annlee and brought her to life in a series of 3D animated movies. In this work, Annlee is a product with just a name and product number, and she introduces herself by explaining how she is a character devoid of both history and personality. Later, Parreno and Huyghe ‘liberated’ Annlee by arranging for other artists to produce works featuring the character. This series of projects was given the title "No Ghost Just a Shell". This phrase, which is spoken by Annlee at the end of the work in question, derives from the anime film "GHOST IN THE SHELL" directed by OSHII Mamoru. Annlee, who initially exists only as a symbol, is brought to life and given a background story by third-party in the form of the artists involved. Parreno and Huyghe later handed over all the rights to Annlee to an association of the same name they established, giving her complete freedom and independence as a character who owns her own rights but also ensuring she would no longer appear anywhere.