ORGANELLA (May 11, 2013 / June 9, 2013 / August 4, 2013)

Material/ Techniquedigital video
Size/ Duration97 min. 21 sec. / 24 min. 3 sec. / 65 min. 22 sec.
Copyright Notice© OLTA
Year of acquisition/ donation2014
DescriptionINOUE Toru: Born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1986.
UMEDA Gosuke: Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1985.
KAWAMURA Kazuhide: Born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1984.
SAITO Takafumi: Born in Chiba, Japan in 1986.
HASEGAWA Yoshiro: Born in Fukui, Japan in 1984.
MEGUNINJA: Born in Chiba in 1988.
Jang-Chi: Born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1983.
All live in Tokyo or its suburbs.

OLTA is an art collaborative formed of seven graduates of the Oil Painting Course at the Tama Art University Department of Painting (Umeda having left the group in 2016). In 2011, the group received the 14th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art and quickly came to prominence. OLTA bring such elements as music and video to the creation of installations using soil, reclaimed materials, FRP, and other media, and then interject their own bodies in the form of a performance. Through such performances, they inquire into the creative act and even primordial human desires and perceptions. Taking inspiration from their memory of the climate, culture, and sensibilities of the region they knew in the process of growing up, as well as contacts with sub-culture and mass-media, they create works that travel freely between the future and the ancient past, the universe and the indigenous, and technology and analog.

During the exhibition “Visceral Sensation – Voices So Far, So Near” (2013) at this museum, the artists of OLTA resided in Kanazawa and held performances in the Courtyard using their sculptural work, "ORGANELLA", continually transforming the artwork’s world as they did so. "ORGANELLA (May 11, 2013 / June 9, 2013 / August 4, 2013)" is an edited video work capturing their performances. Each of the seven member artists, representing a tiny cell, moved about in a different way. The spectacle of the ‘cells’ squirming and colliding together in a ceaselessly changing environment shaped by their movements, the museum visitors coming and going, and the elements of the weather directly stimulated viewers’ physical senses. Each "ORGANELLA drawing" depicts the things the OLTA artists felt in their daily performances, and can be considered the conceptual drawings for "ORGANELLA". Through "ORGANELLA", the artists of OLTA freely question and explore human creative action and, by the same token, fundamental human desires, sensibilities, and perceptions of life. In this endeavor, they look to their own bodies and give thought to the memory of life contained in the human organs.