photo: SUEMASA Mareo

To L.C.

ArtistCildo MEIRELES
Material/ Techniquewood, steel mesh, balls
Size/ DurationH20×W60×D42cm (when the box is closed)
Copyright Notice© Cildo MEIRELES
Year of acquisition/ donation2002
DescriptionBorn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1948. Lives and works there.

Cildo Meireles started his creative activities in the second half of the 1960s. In the beginning, he made works with strong messages, and was significantly influenced by the Neo-Concrete Movement. In recent years, he consistently deals with the senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste, and questions the gap between one’s physical sensations and what is visible in reality. Providing the viewer with ‘memories,’ existing social values and relationships (currency, measurement, national borders) and shaking them up, the artist tries to arouse new sensations and imaginations.

Sixteen balls and a pair of steel mesh gloves are packed in a wooden box. They are mostly balls for competitive sports such as tennis, baseball, futsal, golf and bocce (an outdoor game in which players try to get their balls closest to a smaller ball called the jack). The smallest item in this box is a genuine pearl. The viewer is supposed to wear the provided gloves to admire these balls. Touched through the gloves, the balls with different appearances and materials are felt similar, and this experience breaks the established notions. The “L.C.” of the title refers to Brazilian artist Lygia CLARK, and homage is paid to her. Clark is known for using her own body in her work to have the audience participate in sensual experiences, and is said to have exerted great influence on Meireles’ approach in production.