Predictive Dream XXXII

ArtistAOKI Katsuyo
Material/ Techniqueporcelain
Size/ DurationH22.1×W17×D20cm
Copyright Notice© AOKI Katsuyo
Year of acquisition/ donation2012
DescriptionBorn in Tokyo, Japan in 1972. Lives and works there.

Aoki Katsuyo uses ceramics as her expressive medium. She paints figures directly on white porcelain or on a cobalt blue glaze, called gosu, applied on white porcelain. Creating relief works as well as three-dimensional objects, she often combines these works in spatial installations. Aoki’s pieces have a strong narrative sense, and are distinguished by their elaborate decoration. Decorative patterns are carried to excess over the entire work; so much so, decoration itself becomes the work’s essential theme. Endlessly reproducing and repeating with an organic rhythm like the tendrils of plants, the decorative patterns overtake the entire surface. The decoration spreads luxuriously in all directions, seemingly to everything around it. Such expansive, mobile decoration is the major attribute of Aoki’s work.

This is a piece from Aoki’s “Predictive Dream” series, created around 2005. A highly decorative, three-dimensional work, it takes a skull as its motif. The "Predictive Dream" series has numerous variations, some of which remain faithful to the skull motif and others which transform so completely the original motif is no longer imaginable. All, however, are born from changes occurring in the decoration. They are nearly infinite in variety. The skull is an image of death. In this work, death moves about and spreads itself like a living entity. Death’s decorative patterns inform every detail, and this decorative energy propagates plant-like to cover the whole piece. The work employs a single white porcelain color.