photo: SAIKI Taku

Hong Kong Island / Chinese

ArtistSONE Yutaka
Material/ Techniquemarble
Size/ DurationH65×W108.5×D67cm
Copyright Notice© SONE Yutaka
Year of acquisition/ donation2000
DescriptionBorn in Shizuoka, Japan in 1965. Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

After completing a master’s in architecture at Tokyo University of the Arts, from the early 1990s Sone Yutaka started producing conceptual works using a variety of media including video, performance, sculpture, photographs and drawings. As if reacting against architecture, the aims of which are largely practical, Sone sets himself goals that are considered impracticable, and creates works in the form of projects documenting the processes towards achieving these goals. The results are artworks that could be described as modern-day fairy tales, the product of an imagination that seeks to envision the impossible.

With "Amusement", Sone sought to recreate a scene he witnessed by creating out of marble a threedimensional form based on photographs of an actual roller coaster. "Hong Kong Island / Chinese", which represents a night view of the Hong Kong skyline following the handover to China, "Highway Junction 110-10", which takes as its subject matter freeways in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and "Two-floor Jungle", which depicts a jungle as a two-storied manmade structure, are also sculpted in marble. "Sculpture Garden with Gardener" consists of a series of photographs documenting performances staged in a southern island edited and presented in the form a book. The 61 photographs show the artist wandering through thick jungle holding ‘a magic stick that changes every place into jungle.’ Here, the artist is likening the chaotic world around us to a ‘sculpture garden’ and himself to the ‘gardener’ who creates it. The video work "Hello Bat" consists of footage of countless bats taking off at dusk in a remote forest on the island of Borneo, and is only shown for four minutes at twilight. Using a variety of different media, Sone conjures up realms that extend boundlessly yet remain mutually linked.