photo: SAIKI Taku

Mutability / 2000

ArtistJan FIŠAR
Material/ Techniquecrystal glass
Size/ DurationH43×W48×D38cm
Copyright Notice© Jan FIŠAR
Year of acquisition/ donation2002
DescriptionBorn in Hořovice, Czech Republic in 1933. Died in 2010.

After graduating from university, Fišar made sculptures using stone and wood until 1966 when he switched over to glass as he was requested to join a team of monumental glasswork production as a sculptor for Montreal International Exposition held in the following year. Subsequently he worked for Zelezny Brod Glassworks as a glass artist until 1971. He then became a glass artist, and was active mainly in Europe giving exhibitions. While emphasizing the sculptural space and formation, he realized the one and only expression made possible through communicating with the material.

This work, which looks as if a lump of glass began running, and its ever changing shape was given form, was made by the ‘slumping’ technique that Fišar has been pursuing. This technique involves cutting glass that is blown in the air in a cylindrical form, and while reheating it, the glass is submerged and modeled after a mold. Fišar commented on this work saying: “The amazing developments that have been made in biotechnology and genetic engineering may be putting us in a dangerous situation.” The artist has put in this work not only his interest in natural science but also obscure anxieties about the relationship between natural science and human beings.