© Carmela GARCÍA

Ofelia II

ArtistCarmela GARCÍA
Material/ Techniquechromogenic print, plexiglass
Size/ DurationH179×W224.5cm
Copyright Notice© Carmela GARCÍA
Year of acquisition/ donation2002
DescriptionBorn in Lanzarote, Spain in 1964. Lives and works in Madrid.

After studying photography in Madrid and Barcelona, García began showing her works to the public in 1998. From the beginning, she has created photography works that raise questions about common images of women in society. Subsequently she produced “Chicas deseos y ficción” (Girls, Desires and Fiction) series depicting women’s world where fiction and fact are mixed, and “Constelación” (Constellation), a project in which she, tracing the activities of women artists who had been active in the 1920s, wove her fiction intricately into the already accepted images of those women while trying to probe into their inner lives. In recent years she has been working on video works to review various stereotypical images of women.

This work is a set of three photographs exhibited at “Ophelia and Ulysses: Concerning Spanish Contemporary Art,” a group exhibition held on Venice’s Giudecca Island, which was planned in conjunction with the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001. Ophelia in Shakespeare’s "Hamlet", well known in the painting by Pre-Raphaelite painter J. E. MILLAIS, is a tragic heroine who died in water. García dared to depict a woman who swims in water, stands up and begins to walk on her own feet. The pictures mostly comprised water and a woman in a simple yet bold composition. Reality and fiction are lightly crossed over in this work, which makes good use of qualities special to photography as a medium, and the viewer is left with a strange lingering feeling.