photo: ICHIKAWA Katsuhiro, courtesy: Spiral / Wacoal Art Center


ArtistFabrice HYBERT
Material/ Techniquedrawing, watercolors on rice paper, painted wood
Size/ DurationH180×W600×D600cm
Copyright Notice© Fabrice HYBERT
Year of acquisition/ donation2000
DescriptionBorn in Luçon, France in 1961. Lives and works in Paris.

With strong interest in involvement in the society, ar tist Fabrice Hybert works actively using different media such as object, drawing, painting, video and performance. He produces works that question everyday behaviors, and opens up new perspectives. In addition, he manages his personal broadcasting station, has set up a company called “UR (Unlimited Responsibility)” for the sale of multiples, gives support to other artists, and tackles to improve the distribution system of media and art. Collaborations with philosophers and scientists also characterize his work.

This work was produced for “Spiral TV,” an exhibition held at Spiral in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1999. Sliding screens made of paper are arranged in a circle. Hybert has decorated the paper surface with watercolor illustrations, which depict various images and keywords of which he has dreamt in order to reconstruct the world. This piece is modeled as a TV studio, and over four days, debates and many events involving general participants took place when it was installed for the first time. The events were recorded as a program and broadcast via various networks inside and outside the Spiral building. As the title <Cocoon> suggests, this work was made as a device for nurturing a new style of communication.