photo: SAIKI Taku

Ollin (Movement)

ArtistOKUMURA Hiroyuki
Material/ TechniqueMexican marble (pedestal: wood)
Size/ DurationH8×W92×D10cm
Copyright Notice© OKUMURA Hiroyuki
Year of acquisition/ donation2001
DescriptionBorn in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan in 1963. Lives and works in Xalapa, Mexico.

After studying sculpture at Kanazawa College of Art, Okumura traveled to Mexico in 1989 and has lived and worked mainly in Xalapa, Veracruz since 1990. Xalapa is home to a large number of stone images left over from the ancient Mesoamerican civilization, and the influence of weathered ancient relics can be seen in Okumura’s artwork. In ancient society, carving stone and shaping images were regarded as forms of communal expression, and inspired by this tradition, Okumura has created public sculptures in the state of Veracruz as he continues to enquire into themes concerning the relationship between individuals, societies, and sculptured objects.

Using abstract shapes as motifs, Okumura carves blocks of Mexican stone and then shatters them into pieces before carefully reassembling them, giving the entire works a naturally weathered appearance. "Historias (Stories)" evokes images of stories of civilized society stored away in the back of our memory, while the individual fragments call to mind hierarchical communities and repeated human activity. The stack of cubes in which numerous holes have been carved could also be interpreted as a single symbol transcending the phases of regional culture. As well, by following the markings in the sculpture as if with a brush, the viewer is reminded of links in memory or time. In other works such as "Trayectoria (Trajectory)" and "Ollin (Movement)", a vibrant, geometrical vital force can be detected in the stone pieces, giving rise to a visual rhythm.