photo: SAIKI Taku

bacteria sign (circle)

ArtistSUZUKI Hiraku
Material/ Techniqueearth, dead leaf, acrylic on wooden panel
Size/ DurationH45×W45×D0.9cm
Copyright Notice© SUZUKI Hiraku
Year of acquisition/ donation2009
DescriptionBorn in Miyagi, Japan in 1978. Lives and works in Kanagawa.

Suzuki Hiraku, who had been exploring expression using sound such as field recording, gradually began to create a two-dimensional work using earth and leaves as materials. Suzuki produces works in wide-ranging activities: live drawing, installation with asphalt pieces, wall painting, drawing on A4-sized xerox paper and video. His approach that is consistent at all times is to pursue his own expression of drawing or line-making at the actual scene of creation and becoming, while being closely related to familiar materials and environment.

The 86 square works of Suzuki’s "bacteria sign (circle)" are his first pieces after he switched over to visual expression. A variety of circular lines and shapes, which emerge through his excavation-like act of laying earth, burying dead leaves, and scraping their veins, show the moment and the place of becoming. Earth and leaves in these works are metaphors for civilization, history and city as well as familiar beings. These works represent fundamental and representative approach of Suzuki’s expression of drawing, in which his body actions intervene latent distant past, memories, unknown things and even another space-time axis like future. Existing as the boundary to the new and another dimension, Suzuki’s works quietly but profoundly jar our senses.