photo: KIOKU Keizo

Tiled Room

ArtistKASHIKI Tomoko
Material/ Techniqueacrylic, pastel, pencil on paper, linen and wooden panel
Size/ DurationH227.3 × W162cm
Copyright Notice© Tomoko Kashiki, courtesy of Ota Fine Arts
Year of acquisition/ donation2017(作品購入年月日:2017/03/31)
DescriptionBorn in Kyoto, Japan in 1982. Lives and works there.

Earned a PhD from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2011. Her studies in the field of Bijinga motivated her to reassess her own artistic practice. Since then she has continued to pursue further developments in her work, producing portraits characterized by smooth textures and flowing lines realized through a process that involves applying layer after layer of paint to a panel and sanding the surface. In 2009 she was awarded a VOCA Encouragement Prize. In recent years, as well as garnering great acclaim in Japan and overseas, including receiving the Best Young Artist Award from the City of Kyoto in 2012, she has become increasingly active on the world stage, holding solo exhibitions and participating in group shows in Asia as well as Europe and North America.

Kashiki conjures in her picture planes an illusory, daydream-like world through the use of fine, flowing lines and soft, translucent colors. Her unique technique, which involves building up layer upon layer of figures and other motifs, gives rise to a mysterious painterly world with a peculiar ambience, leading the viewer into a different-dimension universe. Painted while she was undertaking postgraduate studies at Kyoto City University of Arts, "Tiled Room" is a monumental work that helped her establish her current style. In the tiled room, which is constructed mainly out of warped surfaces and bent lines as if seen from multiple viewpoints, is depicted a single figure entwined in the branches of towering trees. The figure’s limbs and clothes appear to be trying to merge into the multi-dimensional space by way of the gently hanging branches. One could say that Kashiki’s hopes and anxieties at a time when she was starting out as an artist coupled with her great sensitivity gave rise to this superbly balanced composition.