photo: SAIKI Taku


ArtistIEZUMI Toshio
Material/ Techniqueglass
Size/ DurationH14.5×W34×D29cm
Copyright Notice© IEZUMI Toshio
Year of acquisition/ donation2001
DescriptionBorn in Tochigi, Japan in 1954. Lives and works in Kanagawa.

After graduating from Tokyo Glass Art Institute in 1985, Iezumi Toshio began to produce works using heat reflective glass that is used for windows of high-rise buildings. Since around 1992, he has created works by piling and gluing many sheets of glass into a rectangular parallelepiped glass solid, scraping it on the grinder and polishing it over and over to produce streamline-shaped works and an organic form in which subtle concave and convex pattern emits exquisite luster. Sheets of glass give a pale green tinge due to iron contained in glass, and being seen from different angles, it shows different depth of color and reflection. Making the best use of this feature of glass, Iezumi creates works inquiring into its very existence in its intricate form made possible by wrestling with the material.

Ten sheets of 1.5cm-thick glass piled and stuck firmly together by ultraviolet curable resin are scraped with a hand grinder and repeatedly polished. According to different viewing angles, it turns to a kaleidoscope: sometimes showing layers of the piled glass sheets, reflecting the viewer’s figure, and reflecting nothing. While it gives such a soft impression as water, it flashes metallic hardness. Not only our sense of sight but also sense of touch is tossed in midair. The artist says that in the process of producing the work, he sometimes feels as if glass turned as soft as tofu (soybean curd) all of a sudden, or glass disappears in front of him. From the stage of production, he is involved in mysterious relativity of visual and tactile senses in relation to the substance of glass. “F” in the title stands for ‘Form,’ and the numerals show the year of production and the production number.