Burning Piano 2008, documentary film master II (Production & film: SETOYAMA Fukashi, NAKAGAWA Yosuke)

ArtistYAMASHITA Yosuke
Material/ TechniqueminiDV (DV(25)NTSC)
Size/ Duration1CAM (180min.) / 2CAM (180min.) / ENG-2008.2.17(60min.) /ENG-2008.3.24(60min.)
Copyright Notice© YAMASHITA Yosuke
Year of acquisition/ donation2008
DescriptionBorn in Tokyo, Japan in 1942. Lives and works there.

In 1969, he formed Yamashita Yosuke Trio, and while their performance of free form had a marked impact on the jazz scene, they expanded their activities going beyond genres. In 1973, he played the piano on fire, and to record the performance, AWAZU Kiyoshi produced an experimental film "Burning Piano". Yamashita formed Yamashita Yosuke New York Trio in 1988. In 2008, to commemorate its 20th anniversary, they released album "Triple Cats". In the same year, he proceeded with "Burning Piano 2008" at “Graphism in the Wilderness: Kiyoshi Awazu” exhibition. In May 2009, he gave the world’s first performance as a soloist for ICHIYANAGI Toshi’s "JAZZ", Piano Concerto No.4.

"Burning Piano" in the collection of this museum is Awazu Kiyoshi’s experimental film, which gave a vivid impression of Yamashita Yosuke in the art scene at the time as “a pianist playing a burning piano.” In 1973, Yamashita played a burning piano as part of the record production directed by composer and music director HAYASHI Hikaru. Awazu who participated in this project spontaneously videoed what was happening in front of him and made it into a film work. Thirty-five years later, in “Burning Piano Reburned: with experimental film by Awazu Kiyoshi” (February 17, 2008), a related event of the exhibition “Graphism in the Wilderness: Kiyoshi Awazu” held at this museum, Yamashita gave a live performance collaborating with himself in the past shown in "Burning Piano". In addition, Yamashita tackled the performance of "Burning Piano 2008" on the beach of Noto Peninsula on March 8, confronting a burning piano as his new way of expression. It signified his dialogue with himself, a requiem for an old piano that was on the way to be scrapped, and while paying homage to history, he questioned the world on a diversity of issues.