© 2008 Yasumasa Morimura, Yasushi Kishimoto


ArtistKISHIMOTO Yasushi
Material/ TechniqueHDTV
Size/ Duration25 min. 27 sec.
Copyright Notice© 2008 Yasumasa Morimura, Yasushi Kishimoto
Year of acquisition/ donation2008
DescriptionBorn in Kyoto, Japan in 1961. Lives and works there.

In 1992, Kishimoto Yasushi founded Ufer! Ar t Documentary, a production company that specializes in art-related documentaries. Along with "OUR MUSEUM" (2002), which questions the role of art museums, Kishimoto has directed documentaries that look in depth at the activities of artists such as NAKAGAWA Yoshinobu, MORIMURA Yasumasa, Krzysztof WODICZKO, and Tabaimo. Kishimoto has participated in several film festivals, including the 4th International Biennial of Films on Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, and the Montreal World Film Festival. He has long insisted on the importance of documenting on film and archiving contemporary art, the pursuit of which has led among other things to the publication between 1992 and 1999 of Japan’s only contemporary art documentary video magazine, "KYOTO ART TODAY".

"YASUMASA MORIMURA: Chapter 0" is a documentary film produced to coincide with the birth of the installation "Barco negro na mesa + Five Water Towers", which was unveiled by Morimura at this museum in 2007. In the film, the story behind the development of the series of photographs produced in 1984-1985 and entitled “Barco negro na mesa” into this installation is presented using Morimura’s own words and artworks, revealing the work in its entirety as well as Morimura’s approach to his art practice. "'Barco negro na mesa + Five Water Towers' – Talk by the Artist" was produced as an introductory video for visitors to coincide with the exhibition of the installation. In Yasumasa Morimura "'Barco negro na mesa + Five Water Towers' – Archive", Morimura’s photographs, three-dimensional works, installations, and the installation variation “Barco negro at night,” which arose out of the exhibition concept at this museum, are brought together using still and moving images, providing valuable insights into the diverse nature of the evolution of the works and the world of Morimura Yasumasa.