© HACHIYA Kazuhiko

OpenSky: test flight 06

ArtistHACHIYA Kazuhiko
Material/ Techniquetransparency photoengraving, light box (acrylic, wood, fluorescent lamp)
Size/ DurationH61×W50×D14cm
Copyright Notice© HACHIYA Kazuhiko
Year of acquisition/ donation2008
DescriptionBorn in Saga, Japan in 1966. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Hachiya is a media artist known as the creator of Inter "Dis-Communication Machine" (1993) in which things that two individuals see and hear are exchanged by using cameras and transmitters, and "Airboard" (1999), a jet-engine-powered skateboard. He is also the developer of "Post Pet" in which a pink bear delivers e-mails. He has achieved the fusion of design, art and technology together. His strong desire to make the impossible possible provides us with dreams and hope that are positive and oriented toward the future.

"Centrifuge" means a centrifugal machine. When the viewer blows on the pinwheel placed in the center of the ring, the image of the viewer displayed on the monitor turns around and the speed of the image changes according to the speed of the rotating pinwheel. In this device, the act of blowing is considered ‘body’ and the image on the screen is considered ‘mind.’ ‘Body’ and ‘mind’ are separated by the centrifugal. Originally it was planned for two people to face each other and blow on the pinwheel. "OpenSky" project started in 2003 and its purpose is to make a personal flying glider. "M-02" is a real oneman glider referring to the design of ‘Möwe,’ which appears in MIYAZAKI Hayao’s animation "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind". This airframe that Hachiya co-developed with aviation engineer SHINOHE Satoru is composed of elegant, flowing straight lines similar to a seagull’s wings. The test flight using rubber-cord traction was finished, and now as of 2014, they have reached the last stage of equipping it with an engine. Hachiya’s wish to make the sky available to everyone beyond invisible borderlines in the sky is suggested in the title "OpenSky".