photo: SUEMASA Mareo

Double Edged of Thought (Dress 2)

ArtistODANI Motohiko
Material/ Techniquehair, chromogenic print
Size/ Durationdress: H172×W67×D3cm, photograph: H23.5×W18.5cm
Copyright Notice© ODANI Motohiko
Year of acquisition/ donation2000
DescriptionBorn in Kyoto, Japan in 1972. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Odani Motohiko studied sculpture at university in the 1990s, and today produces work that makes use of the woodcarving techniques he learnt as a student while also incorporating new media such as photography and video. Among the themes he addresses are mutation and expansion of the body and objects. His work includes pieces that depict in three-dimensional form things like flowing water and air, evidence of an attempt to transform conventional sculptural concepts. Viewed in its entirety, Odani’s oeuvre exhibits a realism in sympathy with the newfound physical sensibilities of people living in modern times.

"Phantom-Limb" takes its title from a psychiatric term denoting a condition in which, even when a limb has been amputated, the patient feels that it is still attached. The palms of the girl’s hands are dyed red from the raspberries she had been clasping, calling to mind Jesus’ crucifixion. "Double Edged of Thought (Dress 2)" is a dress made from braided human hair. While hair is a part of the human body, in the sense that it can be cut off painlessly it is on the boundary between the body and the outside world. "Air 'Fall'" is a piece made from camphor wood that has been skillfully carved to represent the individual cascades of a tumbling waterfall. Odani has attempted to capture the way invisible air transforms the shape of the falling water. Similarly, "Engulf", which consists of video of pounding waves shot with a high-speed camera, depicts a world where the movement of water itself seems to have been transformed into a sculpture. "Rompers" presents a series of peculiar mutations, including a girl with a long tongue that she uses to catch insects and frog with a human ear growing out of its back.