photo: KIOKU Keizo


ArtistCécile ANDRIEU
Material/ Technique6 books, white correction fluid, paper, 6 wall clocks
Size/ Durationdimensions variable
Copyright Notice© Cécile ANDRIEU
Year of acquisition/ donation2000(作品購入年月日:2000/4/1)
DescriptionBorn in the Ardennes, France in 1956. Lives and works in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan.

Andrieu has addressed the themes of words and letters since unveiling her first works in the late 1980s. She often uses books and manuscript paper as motifs in delicate and subdued works, mostly monochrome in palette. Andrieu believes that we mask the truth between words, letters and ourselves, commenting: “My aim is to create a place to reexamine the connection between ourselves and words, between ourselves and the world.” A place where we can re-think the truth that words and letters fail to express, including the impossibilities of communication.

A work that resulted from reading six books at the same scheduled time every day, likened to the canonical hours, and painting out the words that
were read with correction fluid: at 6am, "To Not to Die" by ARAKAWA Shusaku and Madeline GINS; at 9am, Maurice MERLEAU-PONTY’s "L’oeil et l’esprit" (Eye and Mind); at 12pm, Jean-Paul SARTRE’s "La transcendance de l’ego" (The Transcendence of the Ego); at 3pm, LEE Ufan’s "Un art de la rencontre" (The Art of Encounter); at 6pm, Henri MALDINEY’s "Art et existence" (Art and Existence); and at 9pm, Georgei I. GURDJIEFF’s "Life Is Real Only Then, When ‘I Am.’" While the clocks and books whose words have been erased document the act of reading, the books have also lost their capacity to be read again. Yet through their material existence and the traces of black letters painted out in white, we may glimpse the narrow gap between the written and sealed off worlds.