© Hussein CHALAYAN


ArtistHussein CHALAYAN
Material/ TechniqueDVD
Size/ Duration20 min.
Copyright Notice© Hussein CHALAYAN
Year of acquisition/ donation2006
DescriptionBorn in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1970. Lives and works in London, UK.

One of the most innovative, experimental, and original fashion designers working today, Hussein Chalayan is known for his inventive use of materials and the integration of new technology into his designs. Some of his best-known creations include a paper dress that can be folded into an envelope and mailed, armchair covers that transform into dresses, a coffee table that becomes a wooden skirt – which also reveals his penchant for putting the creative process itself on view.

"Anaesthetics" is broken in to 11 short chapters, the overriding theme is the role of formalized behaviors and technology in numbing us to the pain of living. The film touches on a range of issues – nourishment, birth, childhood, sex, religion, family life, violence as entertainment and cultural conflict. Uniting these issues is the simultaneous enactment and repression through ritual.