© Sarah CIRACÌ


ArtistSarah CIRACÌ
Material/ TechniqueDVD
Size/ Durationapprox. 13 min.
Copyright Notice© Sarah CIRACÌ
Year of acquisition/ donation2005
DescriptionBorn in Grottaglie, Italy in 1972. Lives and works in Milan.

After graduating from University of Bologna, Sarah Ciracì has been active as an artist since the second half of the 1990s. Based on her unique worldview related to science fiction, she deals with photographs, videos and installations. Her works freely cross over the ordinary and the extraordinary: a video in which buildings including art museums float in the air as if they were spacecrafts, and another in which Marcel DUCHAMP’s artwork "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even" (most often called "The Large Glass") is reinterpreted on the assumption that Duchamp was an alien coming from outer space. In 2008, she stayed in Aomori, Japan on an artist-in-residence program in which she created an installation on the theme of a world beyond our perceptual limits. In the work, an ultraviolet lamp lights up a human brain painted on the wall to make it dimly visible in the dark.

The world of Ciracì expressed by various media such as photographs, videos and installations is full of her unique futuristic outlook on the world. "2012" is her video work produced to celebrate the opening of this museum. In this work, a story, in which humankind is rescued in spaceshipshaped buildings around the world including this museum in the year 2012 when the earth is doomed, is told by an eyewitness account. Who is sending these distinctive-looking buildings flying and manipulating them by remote control, and where are they going? In this work, Ciracì’s own methodology has given form in a unique way through enriching such themes as humans, space mysteries and our future, adding them metaphysical and poetic qualities and visualizing them.