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ArtistAtelier Bow-Wow
Material/ Techniquecustomized bicycle, customized tricycle, DVD
Size/ Durationchair cycle: H137×W112×D286cm, table cycle: H100×W60×D210cm
Copyright Notice© Atelier Bow-Wow
Year of acquisition/ donation2007
DescriptionTSUKAMOTO Yoshiharu: Born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1965.
KAIJIMA Momoyo: Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1969.
They have worked as an architect unit since 1992. Both live and work in Tokyo.

Their diverse activities include environmental design ranging from houses to city plan, publication of urban surveys, furniture design, display of artworks for exhibitions and university education. Their unit name in Japanese is ‘Atelier Wan’ as the sound of a dog barking ‘bow-wow’ in English corresponds to ‘wan-wan’ in Japanese. Their design is characterized by making the most of distinctive environmental characteristics based on the analysis of urban situations in which varied functions and systems are intermingled. In 2007, they carried out research on machiya (traditional townhouses) in Kanazawa, and the following year, they revitalized one of them.

This work was produced based on the survey of the city of Shanghai when the unit participated in Shanghai Biennale. In Shanghai, they observed that bicycles are not only used for carrying people but also customized in different ways for transportation of goods, and also people are doing their household chores including meals, recreation and machine sewing on the road. They investigated how they use bicycles and furniture on the road in Shanghai. "Furni-cycle" is an artwork in which two different functions – furniture (such as chairs, tables and beds) and cycle – are combined, based on their investigation. By using bicycles for transportation and putting them together on the road, they created a place for living. Through the display of different usages of roads, this piece urges us to reconsider how public space should be.