photo: KIOKU Keizo


ArtistSUDA Yoshihiro
Material/ Techniquepainted wood
Size/ Durationdimensions variable
Copyright Notice© SUDA Yoshihiro
Year of acquisition/ donation2005
DescriptionBorn in Yamanashi, Japan in 1969. Lives and works in Tokyo.

After graduating from Tama Art University, Suda Yoshihiro played an active role in the collaborative studio, Studio Shokudo, with a number of fellow artists until 1999. From the outset, Suda has undertaken exhibitions that install each artwork in a close relationship with the place where it is displayed such as his placement of an artwork in a movable display, parked in a metered space on a Ginza street, in his first solo exhibition. Suda is currently creating minutely carved and painted wood sculptures of flowers and grasses, so realistic as to be mistaken for the actual thing. In the exhibition space, he installs these works in places easily overlooked or else places so obvious as to be unexpected, so that the viewer encounters them spontaneously with the fresh feeling of an act of discovery.

"Rose" hangs suspended in space, like a flower at the moment it has broken off and is falling to the ground. The painstakingly carved petals, so thin as to appear translucent; the leaves bearing insect holes; and the prickly red thorns – Suda has expressed the flower with flawless command of his wood-carving and painting techniques. It is, finally, only the lusterless colors and wood qualities that give it away for what it is, a wood carving. Looking again, we notice that the petals of the rose are scattered to the surrounding walls, as if dancing about in the wind. "Weeds", meanwhile, are displayed with nonchalance in unexpected places in the exhibit space. On beholding the tiny green plants in a crack in the floor or an empty gallery corner or other dead space, we become freshly aware of the place where they have ‘taken sprout’ – a place we would otherwise have taken no notice of. For a brief moment, due to their appearance and manner of display, Suda’s works quietly but profoundly jar our senses and awareness.