photo: SAIKI Taku

MUMI / 013-018

ArtistSAGA Atsushi
Material/ Techniqueurethane coat, acrylic lacquer on MDF
Size/ DurationH88×W88×D2.7cm each
Copyright Notice© SAGA Atsushi
Year of acquisition/ donation2006
DescriptionBorn in Tokyo, Japan in 1970. Lives and works in Saitama.

After graduating from the Department of Painting, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University, Saga Atsushi presented sculptural works with the theme of furniture. In 2004, he started to make “MUMI” series in which his works appear to be all white. Using his own painting and polishing techniques, images of furniture are secretly painted in the surface of panels that glare with hard coating, and these works are filled with tension seeming to question the viewer’s perception. In the “Alternative Paradise” exhibition held at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2005-2006, Saga finely polished the wall of the exhibition gallery as if including a sense of air released from the wall in his work that attracted viewers’ attention.

Saga painted and polished the surface of panels over and over again to create extremely hard surface that reflects the surrounding scenery. Looking closely, the viewer will notice that each shade of ‘white’ looks slightly different on each panel. What is more, some images slightly tinged with color emerge from the white. Sculptural forms, which Saga had made prior to his “MUMI” series on the subject of furniture, were put inside the panels. In the five pieces among the six in this work are painted images of a table, whereas nothing is painted on the last piece. All elements of color, material and image join together through the artist’s finely-honed senses and distinguished skills, and they give the viewer an impression that the ordinary and the extraordinary, substance and nothingness cross each other.